This is the home page for the pPlan:project

The prototype links below are for the home page of the pPlan app.  See the pPlan app menu for other information particularly the about page.  Link to my pPlan project report
@BirkbeckUoL describing the #SoftwareDevelopment, design, life-cycle, #EdTech context & motivation to support #FindingYourElement + human conversations

pPlan:app links

Note: be patient – prototypes are on free hosting plans – so the webserver goes to sleep when not in use and takes a second to wake up

  • Prototype 2 to launched 2nd half of 2020 & in July 2021
    the web address was changed to a more memerable Think.iAutor.net –  https://think.iautor.net/ 
  • Prototype 1a lauched  summer 2018: https://pplan-prototype1.herokuapp.com/
  • Prototype 1b lauched June 2019 https://pplan-prototype1b.herokuapp.com/  and introduces inventories, a personality test and a summary view combining these with the strategic planning of 1a