Developing the USER’s personalised/profile pages within #moodle (PLE)

@stanmoreCollege we are looking at ways to improve, customise & better integrate the pages which present information about a particular student.  For example the “My Moodle Page”, the Grades “User report” page, ILP Block & other custom pages…Over time I hope to post examples of our other personalised pages for the interest to others.

#Moodle user/view enhanced & user/profile
#Moodle user/view enhanced & user/profile

More information at

ServingAndIncludingYourCommunites – Slides:4-6

Some institutions are collaborating to develop ways of personalising learning information for their enrolled students, & looking for way to enhance this:

Slide 4 : Moodle ePLP – Student Dashboards
Slide 5 : Moodle ePLP – Reports page
Slide 6 : Moodle ePLP – Tutor Dashboard