DAY 2 Friday 12th April 2019

Freya feeds her babies twice a day – early in the morning and late in the evening. We have noticed the skin colour developing: darker, less pink.

You can see in this video that they’re starting to make noises!:

By Dex

Today, we also found out how important it is to check the babies day by day. My mum was very worried that if Freya smelt a human scent, she would abandon the babies….But I knew that domestic rabbits are used to human contact – especially Freya!.

The reason I needed to hold the babies was to check their bellies for size – rabbit babies should have nice, round bellies since if they aren’t full they will starve. This is one of the babies that stayed still long enough for us to get a good pic! By Dex

DAY 6 Tuesday 16th April 2019

Today we noticed that the rabbits are moving a lot more. They seem like they are on their own little mission. Watch today’s video:

This is the size difference between the runt and one the biggest in the litter. They are latched on th their mum!

DAY 1 Thursday 11th April 2019

Hello! This is day one of the Freya and Reggie baby bunny blog. But let’s rewind to the day before…..Initially we weren’t sure that our FreyFrey was pregnant but then we saw a major clue….Freya was pulling out fur from her ruff on her chest – frantically. So, we knew something was up…..

Dexter first found the babies. They were all tucked up in their nest, squirming about. We got absolutely overwhlemed at these FIVE BABY RABBITS!!!!

By Otto

P.S In fact, we need to back up further our first signs that Freya was pregnant came two weeks ago when we woke up one morning to find her furiously gathering large amounts of hay in her mouth to make a nest….See this:


A quick note here about the proud father! Reggie the wonderful little bunny has pretty much made a full recovery from his ‘paresis’ – partial paralysis, of the hind legs – apparently very common in rabbits.

Miraculously, with the worming medicine he can now run and hop a little more each day.

Mum started to get worried that Freya wasn’t spending much time with them as she knew cats, dogs and human mums don’t leave their newborns…Freya seemed to be sitting away from the nest, resting or eating….. She was worried that they wouldn’t get enough milk. So I researched how rabbits look after their babies and it turns out since they are ‘prey’ animals, they try to attract as little attention as possible to their babies. This was why Freya was ‘making out’ there were no babies. By Dex