DAY 7 Wednesday 17th April 2019

We went out to feed the rabbits this morning and complete the worming medicine for Reg…As we were putting him back Grandad noticed that one of the babies had fallen out of the hutch!!!!???**Onto the surface below. However, luckily s/he was fine.

So we put two blocks around the nest so there would be no way they couldget out…We think that she had been feeding them and one stayed latched on as she left the nest!

Here they are all tucked up back in.

Here’s Dexter showing the white butterfly marked kitten how dangerous it is!

By Martha

DAY 4 Sunday 14th April 2019

Sunday morning we saw all five baby rabbits snuggling.

Then we checked the tummies of all five babies for milk because it would mean that they’ve been fed.

Eventually we came to the runt of the litter, and we calmly put Freya on her back, and put the baby on one of her teets.

When we put the baby on her tummy Freya went into some sort of trance, and stayed rock still, it was amazing.

By Otto

DAY 3 Saturday 13th April 2019

Today we sadly found a dead baby but to our surprise the five are still alive! It was a sixth baby, probably dead since birth. The reason for it’s death was it was two times the size of the other babies and probably had heart problems. By Dex

This is a picture of Freya munching on the grass. She is always extremely hungry since having 5 cheeky little monkeys – screeching for milk!
I put her out on the grass today because of her love of the green stuff! And it is a lot easier for us – no more picking grass for her to eat. By Dex