Personalised Learning enhancement to Moodle ILP

We wanted Academic targets to be  more highly visible upon login to our VLE.  Before students had to click though a couple of web pages to get much detail on their Academic targets.

Develop a Moodle block that can be displayed on the front page, beside our very fast moving college news items.  The block will list all Academic targets  that have not been achieved yet, & also those targets past their deadline (in a conspicuous way). When clicked,  the Academic targets link, takes the student through to the Target Action Plan, for the student to make comments.  Click on the following image to enlarge to full size (you sometimes need to click twice), and for a better idea of how this works:

Moodle Personalisation Block plus Staff Report
Stanmore College enhancing personalised learning with Moodle and ILP package

Stanmore College:

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