ServingAndIncludingYourCommunites Slides: 11-14

Towards an intelligent question & feedback learning service:

Slide 11 : Advantages of sharing a central database
Slide 12 : Question & Feedback learning service

larger version at: here

Slide 13 : Database of all question responses from one student.
MootUK11-ServingAndIncludingYourCommunites- 14/15
Slide 14 : Question & Feedback learning service

If, in future we (governments) are going to spend less on education & charge higher education students more, this might be a good reason to exploit computing (machine learning), by developing services such as above that give suggestions & more intelligent feedback. If can suggest other books we might like to read,  surely we should start developing systems that feedback useful suggestions & hints to students & their teachers. IBM have developed Watson that can win a TV knowlege quiz show, by responding in real time to (natuaral language) spoken questions.  IBM & other companies are looking to exploit this avenue of computing, but not it seems to support the learning of young people & our future human resource…

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